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The NEI seal symbolizes the past, present and future of the law enforcement profession.

The Latin motto, non sibi, sed patriae, (not for oneself, but for one’s country), is a tribute to the thousands of officers who have made incalculable sacrifices--including death--in defense of law, order and justice, for the honor of their profession.

In examining the seal, four symbols are evident:

  • The book of law represents our rich legal heritage and deep commitment to the rule of law, with ultimate sovereignty resting with the people;
  • The quill of Thomas Jefferson represents the ultimate power of man’s intellect and reason;
  • The three stars bordering each side represent the three levels of government and the corresponding levels of law enforcement, signifying the need for mutual cooperation and respect;
  • The scalloped edge surrounding the seal represents the current problems confronting law enforcement and our unified resolve to face them with dedication and determination to persevere against adversity.