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Archive Articles

The NEIA, 
the MCC, or the MCSA provide the articles presented on this site as a service to the law enforcement community and, in particular, to those thousands of officers throughout North America who lay their lives on the line each day to make all of our lives more secure. Articles and research papers published on this website may be duplicated or republished without permission. The views of the authors are not necessarily those of the NEIA, the MCC, or the MCSA.

Articles are presented by chronologically by calendar year. More recent articles can be found on the Articles Page.

Note: Currently, some articles are only provided as a PDF or as a web page. The NEIA is working to provide both versions for the articles when possible.


  • Interrogation: Some Keys to Success
    Author: John E. Hess, October
    Web Version

  • Y2K Plus Five: The Near Term Future of Law Enforcement
    Author: Edward J. Tully, August
    Web Version

  • Avoiding a Vote of No Confidence (and Surviving if One Occurs)
    Author: Richard M. Ayres, June
    Web Version

  • Mass Media and Law Enforcement: A Time for Reflection
    Author: Edward J. Tully, January
    Web Version


  • School Violence: What Police Should/Could Do!
    Author: Edward J. Tully, September
    Web Version

  • Conversations over Coffee
    Author: Edward J. Tully, July
    Web Version

  • Misconduct to Corruption: Avoiding the Impending Crisis
    Authors: Major Cities Chiefs, National Executive Institute Associates, Federal Bureau of Investigation for the Law Enforcement Community, June
    PDF Version

  • Misconduct, Corruption, Abuse of Power: Part II - What Can the Officer Do?
    Author: Edward J. Tully, May
    Web Version


  • Misconduct, Corruption, Abuse of Power: Part I - What Can the Chief Do?
    Author: Edward J. Tully, December
    Web Version

  • Selecting the Duty Weapon: Is Caliber the Key?
    Author: Evan Marshall, October
    Web Version

  • Responsibility, Leadership, Public Trust: Tough Words
    Author: Edward J. Tully, June
    Web Version


  • Understanding the Process of Training
    Author: Edward J. Tully, April
    Web Version

  • Public Trust: Are We Losing It?
    Author: Edward J. Tully, March
    Web Version

  • The Great Sergeant!
    Author: Edward J. Werder, January
    Web Version


  • Undercover Officer Safety
    Author: Thomas M. Burton, October
    Web Version

  • Extremism: Cults, Gangs, and Terrorists
    Author: Edward J. Tully, August
    Web Version

  • Staying Alive!
    Author: Edward J. Tully, July
    Web Version

  • Executive Survival Skills
    Author: Terry Mangan, February
    Web Version

  • The Recognition of Excellence
    Author: Edward J. Tully
    Web Version


  • The New Police Officer: Integrity and Temptation
    Author: Edwin J. Delattre, December
    Web Version

  • The Legalization of Narcotics: A Law Enforcement Officer's Response
    Author: Edward J. Tully, October
    Web Version

  • Workplace Violence: How Police Can Help
    Author: Edward J. Tully, August
    Web Version

  • Difficult Days, Nights of Terror: The Near Term Future of Law Enforcement
    Author: Edward J. Tully , June
    Web Version

  • So you Want to be a Leader?
    Author: Richard M. Ayres, April
    Web Version

  • The Great Cop!
    Author: Edward J. Tully , January
    Web Version